What’s Skin Toner?

Skin toner is one of the most perplexing and enigmatic items in today’s skin care repertoire; many people are unsure of its purpose and whether to use it. Originally, toners were designed to fight acne; the classic formulations contained mostly alcohol, resulting in overly dry skin. With time, toners have diversified, and there is currently one formulated for every skin type. Although using a skin toner today is not considered crucial, there are several advantages to its use. Toners are an effective way to benefit your skin without adding a lot of time to your current routine.

Should I Bother?

While toners are not an essential part of the contemporary skincare regimen, they have multiple merits when used as part of a daily skincare routine. Benefits of using a facial toner include:

  1. Removal of trace amounts of dirt, oil, dead skin, and residual facial cleanser.
  2. Balanced skin pH; toners help to return the skin to a lower (acidic) pH after cleansing.
  3. Acne control.
  4. Enhanced penetration of subsequent skincare products into the skin when applied prior to their use.

So, there is really no reason not to use a toner.

How to Use Toner

Toners should preferably be used immediately after washing your face, when the skin has been wet, so that it’s more easily absorbed by the skin. Using toner immediately after washing your face facilitates removal of debris and residual cleanser.

Toner can be applied to a cotton round (pad) until it is damp and then gently applied to the skin of the face. The cotton pad is then swept across the skin from the center to the outside of the face until the pad is clean. There is no need to rinse your face after using a toner.

Round Cotton Pads

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Best Face Cleanser for Men: Which is It?

One of the most important things that we can do for our skin, especially our face, is to wash it regularly.  Normally, the facial skin produces sebum  (oil) and sweat throughout the day, which can form an oily layer on your skin. Skin also accumulates pollutants (dirt particles) and dead skin cells, which combine with oil and sweat; this provides a substrate for bacterial proliferation, ultimately leading to the obstruction of pores. Ideally, the face should be washed twice daily; if you work out or engage in vigorous physical activity, you should wash your face after the said activity.

Creme de la Mer
The Cleansing Gel

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