La Mer Concentrate Serum: A Versatile Product


Creme de la Mer has evolved into a quasi-legendary skin care product line; it began as a smaller, word-of-mouth organization and was later purchased by the Estee Lauder company in 1995.

The Concentrate is an anti-inflammatory, hydrating serum that contains a concentrated form of “Miracle Broth”, an ingredient common to all Creme de la Mer products, which is a proprietary, nutrient-rich serum derived from the “biofermentation” of sea kelp.

Due to its iconic status among celebrities, beauty professionals, and obsessive skin care consumers, the price of Creme de la Mer has been driven to unbelievable heights over the years.


Creme de la Mer: The Concentrate Serum


Type: serum

Texture: silky, thick liquid/gel

Color: translucent; green tint

Scent: natural/botanical

Finish: smooth, light

Price: very expensive ($370 per ounce)

Rating: 4/5 (Good)

Retailers: (official site); (possibly slightly less expensive)

Product Overview

Creme de la Mer The Concentrate is packaged in a translucent green glass bottle.

The top of the bottle doubles as a spatula-type applicator.

The product itself is a very thick liquid, almost a gel in consistency.

It has a natural, botanical scent that isn’t really potent or irritating.

It is very smooth and lubricating when applied to the face without being greasy.

I apply it as a serum after I use toner and before using moisturizer.

Creme de la Mer
The Concentrate
(Pictured on Applicator)


  • smooth, silky consistency
  • hydrates dry skin
  • soothes irritated, sensitive skin
  • mild, pleasant scent
  • potent; only a small amount required


  • very expensive
  • very slightly oily

My Review

I have used The Concentrate by Creme de la Mer on and off for about 10 years now.

The first time I used it, I purchased it because I had burns on my neck from laser hair removal (long story).

It seemed to calm the irritation, and I have absolutely no visible evidence of any type of scarring.

I also purchased a bottle for my sister when she had surgery for her post-surgical scar, and she told me that it was barely visible after 6 months of use.

Since that time, I have purchased it when I think that I need to take a break from my usual anti-aging serum, and it really does seem to help with irritated, sensitive skin.

I also find that it is a good product for dry skin and imparts significant hydration, although I wouldn’t use it in place of a moisturizer.

I don’t think that I have used another product that consistently reduces the appearance of redness or visible scarring.

The major drawback for me is that it’s crazy expensive.

I have read that some people experience breakouts with these products, but it has never caused any increase in the amount of acne that I normally have.


If you have used this product, please feel free to leave a comment; I would love to know what you think about it.


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